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Published on: March 8, 2012

A lot of kids love to go to the arcade center every time they or their parent take them to the mall even just for a short period of time. One of the well-loved games in the arcade was Time Crisis. Today, you don’t have to go to the arcade in order to play Time Crisis because it is one of the many iPod games available in the market for download.

You can purchase this game and download it to your iPod for a price of $2.99. You will surely enjoy this shooting game. This is actually a rain shooter game that has a sequence. Its sequence, the Time Crisis: 2nd strike is as exciting as the first installments that will let your heart beat fast and make your hands sweaty. The ultimate goal of this game is to save the people from the hands of bad guys. This game is easy to play on your iPod. You just need to tap on every soldier before he shoots you. You can tilt you iPod in order to reload your weapon or duck. As you advance to the game, there are additional stages that will be unlocked and the game difficulty level also increases.

The Call of Duty: Word at War – Zombies is one of the other popular iPod games available in the market today. The goal of this game is to remain alive and get away from zombies from killing you. This game also has the option to pay in cooperative-multiplayer mode. You can have 3 of your friends join you and blow incoming zombies away. The animation of the game alters to the actual firearm every time a player reloads. Moreover, there are various animations of injuries and death cartoon of zombies depending on the area where you hit them. The finest element of this game is the sense of development where the gamer starts off using a pistol and progress to acquire advanced weaponry and secrets.

If you have a tight budget and don’t wish to pay for games, then you can opt for free games. There are sites that provide free downloads of games. There are many free action games available, such as Gun Bros and Contract killer. These games are completely free, but the gameplay and quality are not very good. The plot of the movie is very good. In fact, these two are amongst the top 25 iPod games played by users today.

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